...Plague Wars?

What is Plague Wars?

Dear friends, due to the fact that Covid-19 is still very much an issue in Europe, and the world, we will not be able to host our large event Duble Wars at Gärsnäs this year.

FEAR NOT, dear friends, for we have a PLAN!

Welcome to PLAGUE WARS – End Game.

This year YOU will be hosting Plague wars (aka Double wars). Our goal is that You will be able to enjoy Plague Wars as much (or as little) as you’re able to between May 13-16 2021. For some of us this means an all in camp between Thursday and Sunday, for some it will be hanging out in the apartment SCA style, in the farmer’s field, during your lunch break, in the car on your way to your friends backyard, or just during the evening get togethers online. 

The possibilities are endless! 

All expenses are brought to a minimum, and based only on your own choices for your medieval space. We will not charge an event fee for Plague Wars, and thus we will not wash your hand towels.

We hope that many of you want to share something during these days in some way or another. We will make some activities available for you such as workshops, seminars, games, challenges and contests. Some of these will be posted here on the website under PlagueTube™, for you to enjoy at a time when it suits you, and some will be livestreamed online. 

If you want to be a part of the activities, workshops and seminars please contact the autocrat in charge and read the information on the activities page. Our hope is that together we will make an amazing event stretching far beyond our borders.

Please take note that you have to follow your local restrictions about gatherings!