...Medieval Space Autocrat?

Medieval Space Autocrat

The deadline to register as an autocrat is April 17th!

As you register as a medieval space autocrat you can choose how many participants that will be able to participate with you and if you are going to have an open or closed medieval space.

Open medieval space - a group (online or IRL) that is open to accept new members that apply to the group

Closed medieval space - a group (online or IRL) that already has a set list off participants,

e.g. due to the covid-19 restrictions.

Either way it is important that you as an autocrat gather information such as email addresses to all your participants and forward them to the Plague Wars autocarts so we can send individual emails to all participants about our activities.

When you register it is important that you include information as to where your participants in turn can register and find information about your medieval space such as a Facebook group, Discord or a website. We will post this information in our list of open medieval spaces on this website.

You will also be able to give information about the level of your camp with high (no modern equipment at all), medium (standard SCA with all modern equipment hidden out of sight as much as possible), or low (modern equipment tolerated).

Disclaimer: The Plague Wars autocrat team is not responsible for what goes on in the local or individual medieval spaces online or IRL.

We can only guarantee to do our best at keeping up the code of conduct on the platforms hosted by us as an event. If you want to help us with that please register as an online volunteer.

Responsibilities as a medieval space autocrat. 

  • Make sure you are following your local restrictions for gatherings, keep yourself updated and make sure to update your participants.
  • Observe the SCA code of conduct and see to that your participants do as well.
    • See to that you have your own registration for your camp and that you don’t exceed the limits the covid-19 restrictions set in your area.
    • Be as precise as possible about how period or mundane you want your medieval space to be.
    • If you have a tent camp make sure you follow all safety measures that are required:
      • Have a fire extinguisher in each tent.
      • A bucket of water/sand or a fire extinguisher by each open fire.
      • A knife in every tent to ensure a safe escape in case of fire.
      • You as an autocrat have the responsibility to inform yourself if you have to communicate with the local fire department about your medieval space.
      • You have the responsibility to create a fun and safe event for your participants.

    If you are hosting an online-medieval space make sure to:

    • Observe the SCA code of conduct and see to that your participants do as well.     
    • Keep your participants updated about your activities.

    We would like for all of the medieval space autocrats to encourage your participants to document and share your event with others through videos, pictures or others on our facebook page, website and Plague Tube!