Children and Youth


Children and Youth

To make it safe and a good experience for all participants at DW there are a few ground rules for children and youths and their parents that you as a parent must be aware of:


  • You, as parent/guardian, have full responsibility for your child’s/children's behaviour at all times
  • Campgrounds - Please inform your child that all pavilions and sun roofs in camp are private property and that includes the nearest vicinity, the area just around and outside tents. Ask permission to visit before entering someone's camp. Please teach your child not to pull or hit the ropes of pavilions and sunroofs, and talk about fire safety with them to prevent any accidents.
  • During activities, children under 7 years should be accompanied by an adult and children who do not speak English/Swedish needs someone who can translate for them.
  • To make the feeling of past times as good as possible we urge you to think about your child's equipment for daily use; if they have a water bottle – make a textile bag for it so that the plastic does not show. Make sure plastic bags for fruit, candy, snacks or other things are covered in period material or kept in a period container.
  • If you have small children please make sure to have plastic bags with you to seal stinky diapers in before throwing them in the regular trash. Even better – go to the big trash containers and throw it directly there.
  • No children under the age of 15 are allowed in the wood fire hot tubs.


Dangerous Grounds

  • Please don’t leave younger children unattended around the lake area (Gyllebosjön) just south of the period encampment.
  • The steep way through the woods east of the period encampment is also a bit of a risk, especially in wet weather.

Youth Boffer

  • Only fight in the designated list or out of the way from the encampments.
  • Do NOT hit with full force, control your blow!
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for checking that the boffer weapons are safe for play.

Double Wars XXXIII

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May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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