Priority Groups


Priority Groups

  1. Specially prioritized autocrats (with families) and invited teachers
  2. Illness or handicap which makes sleeping outdoors in a tent impossible – motivation necessary
  3. Royalty (King & Queen of Drachenwald, Crown Prince & Crown Princess of Drachenwald, Prince & Princess of Nordmark, King & Queen of visiting kingdoms)
  4. Children (under 10 years old) to people in groups 2 & 3 who have been granted indoor sleeping where there is no other adult present at the event
  5. Illness or handicap which makes sleeping outdoors in a tent difficult (including severe allergies) – motivation necessary
  6. Children, teenagers or adult family to people in any of the above groups who have been granted indoor sleeping
  7. Families with small children (under 10 years old)
  8. People with other special reasons to sleep indoors that do not fit into any of the above categories – motivation necessary
  9. People who are travelling from far away to come to the event - primarily priority for crash space tent.
  10. People who really would like to sleep indoors but have no special reasons.


Due to the need of motivations for several of the priority groups and the nature of this information may be considered very private all judgement of prioritization will be handled by a group of three people. No one outside of this group will be able to read or otherwise get knowledge about what is written in the motivations.


This group consists of Isabetta del Verde (Clara Brandkvist), Ingrid Audardotter (Annika Nyman) and Gilliam Blackhorn (Anders Olsson).

Double Wars XXXIII

Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS

May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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