Allotment of Beds


Allotment of Beds

At Double Wars we assign specific beds and not just rooms. Once you are on site you are welcome to change beds or rooms as long as everyone involved is in agreement to the change.


We do not assign beds based on time of registration but instead prioritize who gets a bed based on different priority groups. Registration for indoor sleeping will be open for two weeks (February 1st - 14th 2020) before the first bed-assigning is done!

If there are more people with equal priority than there are beds available then beds will be allotted by luck of the draw.

Regarding illness and handicap we will likely need to be very stringent in our judgement of motivations. Issues that can be handled with altered behaviour, medication or similar will not be judged as impossible to sleep in a tent. Prioritization of individuals in these groups will be done on an individual basis if necessary.


We reserve the right to make adjustments to the priority groups as we see fit up until all beds have been assigned.

Double Wars XXXIII

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May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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