Crisis Management


In case of emergency



CLARA BRANDKVIST: +46 702-252726

(Duchess Isabetta del Verde)



AMBULANCE (non critical), Simrishamn: +46 414-161 81     

FIRE DEPARTMENT (non critical), Simrishamn: +46 10-110 25 63     

POLICE (non critical), Simrishamn: 114 14     

POISON INFORMATION, Stockholm: +46 10-456 67 00


EMERGENCY INFORMATION, Eskilstuna: +46 10-444 40 00


MEDICAL INFORMATION (non critical): 1177 (or


HOSPITAL (non critical), Simrishamn: +46 414-150 00 or +46 414-150 50   





EMILIA STENMYR: +46 705-496942

(Vicountess Blenda af Nääs)

GREG OLIPHANT +46 739- 044077 

(Sir Gerhardt von Wustenburg)

You can find medical kits:

  • In the Troll
  • In Duchess Isabetta del Verdes' camp
  • In Baggeholm Camp

In case of accidents on site:

Always check the breathing and airways of the injured person. Have in mind that there can be injuries that you can’t see. Do not move an injured person – only move them if it’s life threatening. Call 1177 if more support is needed.

  1. Call or have someone to contact Clara Brandkvist (Duchess Isabetta del Verde). 
  2. If the situation is critical, call or have someone else to call 112 and BEGIN CPR.

Direct the emergency services to the following address:

Sjöröds Lägerområde 

Gyllebo 116


CODE TO THE GATE: contact the Autocrats


  1. Make sure to get other autocrats to help. Inform the others about what has happened.
  2. The other autocrats on site should make sure to create a safe and calm space around the injured and the people who are working on helping them.

- One autocrat has to unlock the gate and make sure that the emergency services get through. Do not lock the gate again until the head autocrat says it can be locked.

-  One other autocrat has to move further up the road by the parking lot, to make sure that the emergency services are taking the right road.

- All remaining autocrats should clear the road to the injured and help Clara (Duchess Isabetta del Verde) with whatever she needs.

  1. The head autocrat needs to get the contact information to the injured persons family and inform them about what has happened and where they should turn for further information.

In case of bleeding wounds:

In case of a weak small bleed, you can wash the wound (soap and water)and then let it dry and put on a bandaid.

If there is a slowly flowing bleed, you are to wash the wound, put a tourniquet and contact Clara (Duchess Isabetta del Verde), 1177 or the hospital.


If the blood is pulsating or heavy flowing you have to put a hard pressure on the wound. Try to keep the wound closed and the injured body part high.

Call Clara (Duchess Isabetta del Verde) +46 702-252726 and 112 for an ambulance.

Internal bleeding can come from ha violent heavy blow to the abdomen or other parts of the body. The injured can go into shock.


Burn wound :

Cool down the scorched area with cold water for 5-10 minutes. A burn that is bigger than your hand or if the scorch is in the face, over joints or near genitals, call for Clara (Duchess Isabetta del Verde) or 1177 to get further instructions.


Drowning incidents:

If the person is unconscious start mouth to mouth resuscitation. If the person has no pulse, START CPR. Call 112. 


In case of concussion:

If a person has received a severe blow to the head, he or she should be under supervision. If he or she gets a headache, dizziness, nausea or gets very tired, call 1177 and describe the symptoms to get further instructions.

If he or she gets unconscious call 112.


Viper bite:

The part of the body that has received the bite is to be held high. Everyone that has been bitten has to go to the emergency, if there is no severe reaction, the bitten person is to be driven to the hospital.


In case of an accident with electricity:

If you think a person has an injury due to electrical shock, immediately unplug the appliance or tool if possible, or move the person away from the powersource, but make sure you yourself are safe.

If he or she is unconscious, start CPR and call 112. Everyone that has been in an accident with electricity has to go to the hospital for further examination.


Allergic reactions:

Symptoms of an a strong allergic reaction:

  • tingling in the lips and/or tung
  • itching hand palms and footpads or itching in the mouth
  • sometimes hives
  • swollen tung, lips, face 
  • cramps
  • difficulty breathing
  • high puls
  • stomach pain
  • vomiting
  • clammy skinn
  • restlessness
  • repeated yawn like movements
  • unconsciousness


If the person has an EpiPen it is to be used immediately if you suspect a severe allergic reaction. It is never dangerous to give a dose from an EpiPen, even if it is unnecessary. You can also give Betapred (10-12 pills dissolved in water) and/or an antihistamine pill if the person can swallow.


Keep a calm surrounding around a person that has an allergic reaction, keep the airways free and give mouth to mouth resuscitation if necessary. 

If a person has a severe allergic reaction call 112.

In case of epileptic seizure:

In case of a big seizure- grand mal - the person suddenly goes unconscious and starts cramping.

In case of a minor seizure - petit mal - the person that suffers the episode, seems absent and doesn’t react when spoken to, for a shorter period of time.

During a big seizure you are to place the person carefully on the ground, floor, bunk or sofa in recovery position and he or she is to be kept warm.

Others who observe the seizure often think it looks scary and needs to be calmed down.

Keep track of how long the seizure lasts, often there is some medicine that should be given (which the autocrats or the persons close ones will know).


If the seizure doesn't end within 2-5 minutes, call 112.

If a person has a seizure without known epilepsy call 112.

In case of fire:

It is to be stated on the website and on the event site where the gathering spot for every group is located, in case of a fire.

All the gathering spots are in front of the stone wall by the sauna. Every camp has to stay together to make the counting easier.

The troll autocrat is responsible for making sure that everybody in each group is present. The person i charge of each camp is responsible for counting everyone in his or her camp and give information about the result of the count to the troll autocrat.

The troll autocrat gives the information forward to the head autocrat, who then can start the search in case anyone is missing.

The other autocrats are responsible to make sure that everyone stays in safety within their group at the gathering spot.


The person who first discovers the fire has the responsibility to:

1. Evacuate people that are in immediate danger.

2. Call 112.

3. Inform the autocrats.

4. If the fire isn't to big, try to put it out.

If you’re not able to put out the fire and it is in a building, close all doors and windows. Think of safety first!

If it is a pavillion that is on fire, evacuate quickly and call out about the fire.

The head autocrat delegates the responsibilities:

(People in all areas are to be informed about where the fire is and where they should gather.) 

  • Search the cabins, the shower house and privy. 
  • Search the workshop, including the second floor and the dorms downstairs.
  • Search the tavern, kitchen and halls
  • Search the house next to the tavern both first and second floor and the cellar. Don’t forget the room that has its entry on the short end of the house.
  • Search the camp site
  • Search the mundane camp
  • One autocrat unlocks the gate and makes sure that emergency services get through. Do not lock the gate again until the head autocrat says it can be locked.
  • One other autocrat has to move further up the road by the parking lot, to make sure that the emergency services are taking the right road.

When the hazard is over:

The head autocrat gathers together with Clara (Duchess Isabetta del Verde), the Senschals of Baggeholm, Attemark and Nordmark and other autocrats that have been present.


Together they summarize the information that needs to go out to the participants at the event and how it should be shared.


The other autocrats have to be informed first about what information that is to be shared with participants at the event. This information will be sent out in our messenger group.


The information that is to be shared with the participants at the event, will be posted on the website and given verbally in the tavern by the head autocrat.

Peoples names or anything that can point out a person's identity will not be shared, due to GDPR.


The head autocrat maintains contact with all individuals involved as well as any authorities. The head autocrat has the responsibility to continuously inform the other autocrats, senschals and others who may benefit from the information, regarding the development after the emergency is over. Peoples names or anything that can point out a person's identity will not be shared, due to GDPR.     

Double Wars XXXIII

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May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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