Royal Liaison (Retainers)


The Royal Liaison is Lady Gele Pechplumin (Magdalena Morén).

What is a Royal Liaison?

In order for the Royals to dutifully play Their part as Royalty They need assistance. When you help out any Royals during any event you are helping Them play Their regal part and adding to the quality of everyone's Dream. 

A Royal Liaison helps organize this assistance for the Royals.

A Royal Liaison also tries to answer any Royals’ questions regarding the event.

Who can help?

Anyone can help out! Just be sure to mention if you have any restrictions so that you can be assigned a task according to your abilities.

There are many names for those who provide general assistance to the Royals:

  • Lady-in-waiting (LiW)
  • Lord-in-waiting (LiW)
  • Royal retainer
  • Court setter-upper… no, just kidding!
      • Help will be needed to set up banners, thrones etc for court(s)
      • There is no job title for this :)

You can find the link to sign up as a Royal Retainer here!

Royal retainers at Double Wars

During any event, there are certain times when the Royals need an extra person (or two) to do things for Them. Usually this is during meal times and court (see below). 

Sometimes a Royal will require assistance for any activities going on, e.g. fighting, fencing, archery, and classes. They might be participating, teaching or watching the activity. The Royal will tell you what They need help with.

During a week-long event like Double Wars there are many days with meals, classes, activities, and courts. With so many instances where the Royals need assistance, it makes the work easier to have many people willing to serve as a retainer.

What are the duties of a Royal retainer?

It varies depending on who has the role of a Royal in our society at any given time but mostly it means:

  • carrying things, 
  • assistance during meal times (fetching food and drink, incl. refills),
  • washing feast gear (dishes and cutlery), 
  • delivering messages,
  • fetching people,
  • and sometimes just keeping Them company. 

Duties of Royal retainers during court

If you are a Royal retainer during court, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Find out if the Royal(s) want you to attend the court planning.
      • If yes, find out when and where the court planning takes place. 
      • Don’t be late.
      • Do not leak secrets from the court planning.

  • Find out what the Royal(s) want to drink during court.
      • If possible, leave the heavier objects behind the thrones (so you don’t have to carry them while walking behind the Royals to the front).
      • Don’t forget to bring something for yourself (mug and drink, avoid snacks).
      • A Nordmark tradition on how to open cans/bottles during court: while everyone is shouting “Vivat!” or “Vivant!” (it disguises the “modern sound”).

  • Be ready to hand stuff to the Royal(s) when They need it.
      • Listen to the herald for which award is to be presented next.
      • If the Royal(s) intend to give out a token for this award, They may have asked you during court planning to hand it to Them at this time.
      • Pay attention to the Royal(s). They will indicate when They want you to give/take Their drinking vessel.

  • Be discreet.
      • Court is when the Royals are most visible, and this is how it should be. 
      • A Royal retainer should not try to steal the attention of the populace.
      • However, you will probably be caught on photographs... avoid picking your nose during court ;)

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