This year the registration will be somewhat different, and the purpose of the registration of medieval spaces in a time like this is to make the vast spread of participants even more visual and link us all together even though we are miles apart.

Those of you who will be in charge of a medieval space will register as mediaval space autocrats. If you are camping on your own (in your garden, apartment or elsewhere) this means that you are your own autocrat and will need to register.

All medieval spaces will be displayed on a map on this website. Together with the map there will also be a list of all open medieval spaces. Read more about open/closed medieval spaces here.

As a medieval space autocrat you have certain responsibilities. Therefore it is important that you read the information about how to register and host your medieval space.

You do NOT need to register (on this website) if you plan to be part of someone else's medieval space, but you will need to register for the specific activities you want to participate in during the Plague Wars. Registration links to the activities will become available in the coming months.

Please note that we will NOT be posting a list of individual participants on this website, only of medieval spaces. It is up to the autocrat of each medieval space to provide some sort of registration for its participants.

If you need help to find a medieval space to join, use the form below. 

Note that Plague Wars will not have any site fees but can not guarantee that the medieval space autocrat won’t. 

Registration forms

Medieval Space Autocrat

Online Volunteer (coming soon)

Help me find a medieval space

Host an Activity (coming soon)