The autocrat in charge of cleaning is Baroness Tova of Attemark (Marina Hägg).

Cleaning the camp

The cleaning autocrat will inspect your sleeping and camping area before you leave the event – contact them to have your area checked and the cleaning approved.

Please note that you are only to throw away your water from cleaning your camp in the designated day-water wells that are placed in the camping area.

Scullery Stations

The sink inside the backdoor of the tavern is used for eating utensils only.

Rinse your plates, bowls etc. and throw leftovers into the green garbage container.

There is a specific area for cleaning your cooking utensils. This station is located outdoors near the showers. Wash up cooking utensils, pots and pans in this separate station, to keep soot, grease and stuff out of the water people wash their eating utensils in.

Hot water is available at the outdoor station. You are allowed to fill your wash tub with this water, but you are not allowed to rinse your dishes with flowing hot water.

Recycling and garbage

We have one main recycling station. The Recycling station is a large dumpster for burnable materials, containers for organic garbage, smaller containers for glass (coloured and clear), metal, plastic etc. There is also containers for empty beer, cider and soda cans in plastic and aluminum.

If you see one of the public containers full, please help out by emptying it in the appropriate place.

There will be an extra-large recycling bag for returnable bottles and cans (plastic and aluminum), recycle your bottles and cans in these.

Double Wars XXXIII

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