Off-Site Guide


A short guide to some stores and other things around site. All time estimates are for travelling by car. Directions and opening hours is easy to find with a quick google search.

Remember that Thursday May 21st 2020 is Ascension day and opening hours often differ from a normal workday.

Off-Site Lodging

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Food shopping

Gärsnäs is the closest (10 min) and they have a small food store (ICA).

Simrishamn is a bit further away (20 min) but they have several food stores (ICA, COOP and Netto).


In Sweden, we buy our alcohol at Systembolaget, which can be found in Simrishamn.  Alcohol free beverages and beverages with low levels of alcohol can be found in a normal food store. Remember that Systembolaget is closed on Sundays and therefore also on Ascension day (Thursday May 30th). The legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 years in Sweden, and 20 years for buying alcohol at Systembolaget.

Pharmacy / Drugstore

There are three different drugstores in Simrishamn: Apoteksgruppen (at the same place as COOP), Apoteket Hjärtat and Lejonet.

Medical centre

In Simrishamn one can find both a district health care centre (vårdcentral) and a hospital. The emergency center is at the hospital.

Taxi / Cab

Gärsnäs have three different taxi companies:

Olles Taxi, Taxi Österlen and Kiviks Taxi.

Simrishamn have two:

Olles Taxi and Taxi Österlen.

Contact info is available with a google search.

Camping petroleum gas (gasol)

Gyllebo: K. Berggrens Metallia (refill and renting of petroleum gas)

Simrishamn: TANKA and Bolist.

Hardware stores

Gärsnäs: Järnia

Simrishamn: Bolist, XL-Bygg

Rental cars

If coming to Copenhagen Airport it is easy to rent a car either there, or taking the train to Malmö Central and rent one there. From Malmö, it is about 1,5 hours ride to the site.


Nearest gas station is about 15 minutes away, and there are several stations in Simrishamn as well.

Historic sites

Of course we want you all to have a too good time on the site to even have time to think about sightseeing in the area, but stay a day extra or it is a rainy day (those happen, wether we want it or not), these are some good things in the area.

  • Glimmingehus, about 25 min away.

It is the best preserved medieval stronghold in Scandinavia. It was built 1499-1506, during an era when Scania formed a vital part of Denmark, and contains many defensive arrangements of the era. On site there is a museum, medieval kitchen, shop and restaurant and coffee house.  During summer time there are several guided tours daily. In local folklore, the castle is described as haunted by multiple ghosts.

  • Greyfriars Abbey, Ystad, about 45 min away.

Founded in 1267 and is one of the best preserved monastries in Sweden. Partly demolished in 1600, but the east wing and church is still intact. Today it houses a museum and is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens.

  • Ales stenar, a stone ship, about 45 min away.

  • The King’s Grave, a nordic bronze age tomb, about 25 min away.

  • Several churches in the area are pre-16th century, and often built during the 12th and 13th centuries. Even though most of them are more or less renovated, most have taken care to not erase the original look and feeling. A lot of churches are open for visit during business hours.

Double Wars XXXIII

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May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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