Double Wars History

Double Wars History

Double Wars consists of two wars, the Knäckebröd War and the Magna Carta.

The origin of Knäcke is somewhat veiled by history..

In the Shire of Attemark the discussion had risen about hosting a spring war event.

After a long, cold and dark winter everyone wanted to stretch their legs, and leap across fields of fresh spring grass. The perfect weekend was soon decided upon, but then a question arose – ”What shall we fight about?”



A council was held in the shire and some of the attendants names are known:

Catrin Gwynystlum

Morgan de Grey

Ylva Enhörning

Claudwick von Naerdinckhove


After a long discussion they got hungry and Ylva started to spread butter on a knäckebröd. Someone asked: ”..Is she really spreading the butter on the correct side?..” The question immediately split the council into two parties.

The Knäckebröd War was born!



The first Knäckebröd War was held in AS XXIII at Hörrs Nygård. The battles went on for three days and there were seven fighters. The non-fighting populace enjoyed themselves with handicraft and bardic competitions. Everyone agreed upon making it a springtime tradition.


Over the years the Knäckbröd War grew and got a more international with visitors from Germany, UK and the US.


Something happened that reshaped the event into what we today refer to as Double Wars. Inspired by the Pennsic War, Morgan de Grey wanted to create a more tactical war. To let more people take part in the war they extended it to also comprise archery, fencing and art & science. The reason for this war was the king’s wish to tax the city of Viborg.


Lord Harabanar came up with the name Magna Carta and Ravenscraig organized it.

The event was extended to one week.


In that instant the Double Wars was created.

It was decided that Magna Carta should be fought on Thursday and Friday, and the Knäckbröd War should be a pure heavy fighting war on Saturday.


The Rose Tourney was introduced and has since been an appreciated element.


Double Wars X was struck by “the plague” and about 75 percent of the attendees suffered from the illness.


Double Wars hosted the Nordmark Coronet Tournament for the first time.



Double Wars 20 was celebrated!


Double Wars 30 was celebrated!

Youth camp was held for the first time.

The last decade or so, Double wars has been more focused on being a war that everyone at the event can enjoy and contribute to. Besides the different war efforts on the fields, forest, archery ranges and fencing arenas, we’ve also hosted, to name a few, costume parade, kubb, board games, poems, chant off and banner parades. The ideas for future war scenarios are endless!

To this date the victories in the Knäckebröd War are almost equally shared by the Flat side and the Holy side. In the Magna Carta War there is a slight advantage to the Lilies over the Falcons.

This can change several times over in the many years to come, and in itself become the history of the Double Wars.

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