Rules of the Line


Rules of the Line

  • Side-arm throwing of weapons requires an adequate safe zone and the Marshal-in-Charge’s permission.
  • Throwers must ask the Thrown-Weapons Marshal for permission before filling in on the line.
  • All throwers on the line must throw from approximately the same distance.
  • Throw only at designated targets.
  • Do not throw until commanded to do so.
  • Do not retrieve until commanded to do so.
  • If "hold" is called, the thrower should put down his/her weapon(s) and step back from the line.
  • The thrower should step aside or back once he/she has completed throwing.
  • Do not throw weapons that have not been inspected. a) Any weapon that strikes or is struck by another weapon should be inspected by the thrower and if needed the Thrown-Weapons Marshal after each round of throwing.
  • Do not stand or walk behind throwers on the line.
  • Just before each throw, look behind to ensure that it is clear.
  • Do not swing weapons aimlessly or in a careless manner. Throwers should always be aware of what may be in the path of his/her weapon when it is swung.
  • Be aware of sharp points and edges of weapons.
  • Stay alert. Weapons can and will bounce back from the target if miss thrown.

Double Wars XXXIII

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