Thrown Weapons


Thrown-Weapons co-ordinator is Herr Styrbjörn Bärsärk (Peter Mellbin).


Thrown weapons are the throwing of sharp objects such as knives or axes at targets. This is a fairly new activity in Drachenwald and at Double Wars.


It is open to everyone 5 years and older (children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). Since we are using sharp objects safety is very important on the range. Everyone who wishes to participate must have read and agreed to the rules of the thrown weapons range listed below and by the thrown weapons range before participating. No throwing may be done unless the Thrown-Weapons marshal is present and the range is open.


There will be axes you can borrow or you may bring your own thrown weapons. All weapons must be inspected by the marshal before being used on the range. Basic instructions will be given as needed.

Double Wars XXXIII

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