Activities (Schedule)


Schedule Coordinator is Viscountess Ælfwynn of York (Stina Silverstielk)




Choose one of the individual schedules (links will be added at a later date) or the Master schedule below. We hope to have the complete schedule available by April 15th to make it easier to register for kitchen duty and other volunteer work. 


You will find the date of the last update on the first page of the master schedule.


  • Master Schedule 
  • Arts & science 
  • Fencing 
  • Heavy fighting, Archery/Thrown weapons, Wars
  • Children & Youth activities
  • Courts, meetings, parties & gatherings, Lady/Lord in waiting, Food


If you want to add something to the schedule you can either use the form found in the link list on the registration page (Add activity to Schedule) or send an e-mail to


If you wish to host an activity please contact the coordinator in charge:


Youth/Children - Ingrid Audardotter

Heavy fighting - Styrbjörn Bärsärk

Fencing - Fardäng Skvaldre

Thrown weapons - Styrbjörn Bärsärk

Archery - Aaliz de Cordes

Knäckebröd war - Gracia Ferraro da Varena and Silwa av Svaneholm

Market - Ælfwynn of York

Arts & Science - Katheryn Hebenstreitz

Fighting Wars - William of Richwood


All other questions about the schedule = Ælfwynn (Stina Silverstielk)


You can create a personal calendar if you download and print the file below.



If you need information on what venues or areas are available outside personal encampments, please contact the schedule coordinator.


There will be several bulletin boards throughout camp with schedules. You can always find the Master schedule in the Troll tent. There will also be room for personal bulletins and posters.

Double Wars XXXIII

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May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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