Heavy Fighting


Heavy Fighting coordinators are Lord Styrbjörn Bärsärk (Peter Melbin) and Duke William of Richwood (Johan Kriström).

Marshal in Charge is Jarl Morales Galen (Olof Berg).

War coordinator is Duke William of Richwood (Johan Kriström).


Greetings and welcome to the heavy fighting at Double wars!

You are equally welcome regardless if you at any given time chose to be a participant, a spectator, a marshal, helping out setting up or taking down the various fields, carrying drinks or otherwise making it possible for all to be safe, have good time and enjoy the happenings.

A brief introduction to what heavy fighting in the SCA is can be found here: https://www.sca.org/resources/martial-activities/armored-combat/

This year we are aiming to have a good variety of fighting related activities to both display the possible diversity and also cater to many preferences. We are hoping for a number of tournaments, melee scenarios, classes and of course an open field for pickups.

If you feel that there is a particular happening that you would like to make happen do not hesitate to contact us. Ideas are most welcome and all things need someone to make them happen.

Authorizations will be given some time provided we can find able and willing people to help out with this, it is still a few months to go and many are not sure about their vacation and travels. If you can help out please let us know. We would however recommend that you get these authorizations done prior to the event. That way you’ll avoid that extra stress at the event and also are ready to go and fight right from the start.

Also, take some time during the spring to look over your armor and make sure that it is in good repair and will hold up for a week full of activities. Give the helmet and it’s padding some extra attention. Doing this ahead of time will give your more time to enjoy the event.

Have fun and make friends on and off the field.

Jarl Morales, Marshal in charge.

Lord Styrbjörn Heavy fighting and Thrown weapons.

Duke William, Heavy fighting and War.


Please contact the responsible coordinator if you want to get involved in running a Tournament, Melees or Wars or just have questions about the Heavy Fighting.

Words from the Marshall In Charge

Double Wars is for many the start of the event season, and as usual all armours and weapons need to be maintained and inspected regularly. As usual the armour of each fighter needs to be inspected and approved by one of the appointed Marshals.



  • A fighter's armour only needs to be inspected once per event – as long as nothing is replaced or repaired then it has to be re-inspected.
  • An armour is only inspected on that specific fighter – if the armour is lent to another fighter it has to be re-inspected on him or her.
  • All weapons needs to be (re)inspected at the start of each fighting day – even if the weapon has not been used or altered since last inspection.
  • We will thoroughly be checking helmets, including padding, to make sure everyone is safe out there - Please have an extra look at this before the event, padding does not age well! 

Double Wars XXXIII

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