Fencing coordinator is Master Fardäng Skvaldre (Roger Svalberg).

Something for Everyone

Double Wars are proud to be able to offer fencing for a broad range of SCA enthusiasts from those who like to challenge their friends with latex swords to those engaging in heavy rapier and cut and thrust. No matter your level, age or degree of experience we hope that the event will have something to offer you, and help to enhance your appreciation of fencing.


So, what types of fencing are available?

Double Wars offers a unique breadth of fencing experiences for all levels of fencer. This year’s schedule features a mixture of training sessions for fencers ranging from 5 years of age up to 100.


For younger fencers we recommend ‘live role play’ equipment, that is to say, latex swords and soft shields. No masks or other protective equipment is necessary. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that can be subjected to wear and tear and some dirt as the vanquished fall to the ground. Explore the event schedule to find training sessions and tournaments for fencers from 5 to 16 years of age.


Drachenwald fencing no longer uses lighter blades, and the use of epee and foil blades is now nearly extinct. The event offers, however, a large range of activities for rapier and cut and thrust fencers. Please explore the schedule to locate training sessions, open sparring sessions and tourneys throughout the week.


If you wish to offer a class, or add a tourney or other martial event with a fencing flavour to the schedule please contact the fencing coordinator via email; fardang@gmail.com.


We look forward to enjoying a wonderful Double Wars of fencing with you all!

Double Wars XXXIII

Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS


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