Youth Camp


Youth Camp

This is the third year there will be a designated area specific for youths of Drachenwald to have their own camp, if they so choose. If you, or your parent/guardian, have any questions about the Youth Camp, please contact Mistress Ingrid Audardotter (Annika Nyman).

  • Open for youths aged 13-17.
  • Bring their own tent (or request a spot in crash tent).
  • Register through the "normal" registry as everyone else, note that they are staying in the “Youth Camp”.
  • Go through initial workshops in safety and keeping a camp.
  • No drugs, alcohol or smoking allowed
  • Keeping to the same camp rules as the rest of the camp
  • Parents/Guardians are still responsible for their youth even though they stay in a separate camp
  • Parents/Guardians need to respect that this is the Youth Camp and should be treated in somewhat the same way that you treat their bedroom at home
  • Children under the age of 13 are to vacate the Youth Camp after 8pm (if nothing else has been arranged beforehand).
  • Site rules regarding children and youth.

Site rules regarding children and youth.

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