Range Rules


Range Rules

The Archery range is located west of the large list field near the houses. The field for clout shoot is the smaller field west of the modern campsite. The 3D trail is located on the little hill west of the clout field. A map of archery areas will be posted on the main bulletin board and at the archery range.

  • Respect barriers when archery is in progress!
  • The range is only to be used with a marshal present. If you want extra practice ask one of the marshals.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s awareness of the risks/dangers and of the areas where archery activities will take place.
  • Children and Youth should have an adult supervising them while shooting, unless leave have been given by a marshal for the child / youth to shoot unsupervised.
  • Parents should check with the marshal in charge before letting their children / youth shoot.
  • The Youths that are experienced and can shoot at adult ranges (20-40 yards) can attend the regular Open Range.

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