Beginner's Guide


to a great Double Wars

In general, we try to have a general historical feeling. This includes clothes, the things we carry around and the things we eat and drink from.


An attempt at viking or medieval garb that would fit into random medieval movie or a fantasy larp is more than good enough - some people go all in, but there’s no need for it. Leave your staff, wand, fantasy make-up and your crowns at home. If you’re still doubtful if your garb is good enough you can e-mail us at

Eating utensils

Plates, goblets and cutlery made from wood, ceramics or steel. You can often find great stuff at flee markets or second hand. Go for “unique” stuff, if it looks like it’s from IKEA, leave it at home. (We often call eating utensils “Feast gear”.)


It’s up to you if you want to drink alcohol (responsibly!) or not. No matter which you choose, make sure your modern bottles and cans are hidden in a bag or a basket. (The legal age for drinking in Sweden is 18 years.)

Bags, etc

Everything that is carried through camp, or used in camp, should have a historical feeling. A white fabric bag (without modern prints) is great for carrying stuff or as a shopping bag when returning from store.

What do I do all day?

In short, workshops, fighting, socialising, enjoying the nice weather during the day and singing during the night. We have a schedule with a lot of fun stuff to choose between and the option to do absolutely nothing and getting to know new people is always available.

What does it mean?

The beginner’s guide to the medieval lingo. We use some weird words and here’s a list of some of them. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone if you’re confused during the event!


The check-in tent. Here you can register your arrival, find the Lost & Found-stash and a lot of information and announcements.


The organizer of the event or responsible for a part of it.


This is when we gather and honour people within the society, mixed with theatre aesthetics.

Drachenwald, Nordmark, Attemark, Baggeholm

Names on few of the areas in our society. Approximately Drachenwald means Europe (plus some countries outside of); Nordmark means Sweden; Attemark means a big part of Skåne and Baggeholm means Blekinge.


A royal person within the society. Some of them are “current” royals, and sitting on the thrones during court, others have been sitting on the thrones in the past and are now allowed to wear crowns as a sign of their service to the society. This means not everyone is allowed to wear crowns.


Those who have gotten the highest awards in our society. This includes Knights (fighting), Master of Defence (fencing), Laurels (arts & science) and Pelicans (service).


In short, everyone else.

Knäcke, Double wars, DW

All of them are names of the same event. Knäcke is what usually is used in Swedish, while Double wars (sometimes shorten to DW) is used both internationally and in Swedish. DW could also stand for Drachenwald, just so we can confuse everyone a little bit more.

The list

The fighting list (arena). A lot of the activities take place at, or near, the list. The list is in the field, which also can be used as a landmark.


Eating utensils, including goblets, plates and cutlery. Ceramic, wood and tin is used.

Vivant vs Vivat

Our way of saying “Hooray!” when cheering for winners or recipients. Vivant - which has more letters - is used for several persons and Vivat for singular.

Double Wars XXXIII

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May 15th - May 24th, 2020

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