You will have to register for the specific activities you want to participate in during the Plague Wars. Registration links to the activities will become available in the coming months.

If you want to host an activity please fill in the form (which will be be published on February 14th). Anything missing, contact the schedule mistress and autocrat Ælfwynn of York or A&S autocrat Ragnell Caxtone.

Are you interested in hosting any of the following activities and pre-recording them?

  • Reading a children’s story
  • Reading a ghost story
  • How you prepare for Plague Wars in an apartment
  • How you prepare for Plague Wars in a local camp
  • Hosting a board game online

A lot of material will be pre-recorded and posted on our website, some will be via platforms sush as Kahoot, YouTube or others, and some will be live streamed via Zoom.

A list of official platforms that will be used during Plague Wars can be found here.