The Continuation

4-13th May 2018




The Continuation


Over the years the Knäckbröd War grew slowly but surely and got a more international touch by all people from Germany, UK and US.


More elements were added to the war, such as archery and art & science.

AS XXVIII something happened that shaped the event to what we know today as Double Wars.


Inspired by the Pennsic War, Morgan de Grey wanted to create a more tactical war.

To let more people be a part of the war they extended it to also comprise archery, fencing and art & science. The reason for this war was the king’s wish to tax the city of Viborg.

The local merchants and great men opposed this, and the conflict was a fact.


Lord Harabanar came up with the name Magna Carta and Ravenscraig organized it.

The event was extended to one week.


In that instant the Double Wars was created. It was decided that Magna Carta should be fought on Thursday and Friday and the Knäckbröd War should be a pure heavy fighting war on Saturday.


For the last couple of years, the Knäckebröd War has been more focused on being a war that everyone at the event could contribute in so it has also contained for example costume parade, kubb, fencing, archery, board games, poems and banner parade.


As the event stretched over a week it was possible to add more and more activities, e.g. archery practice and competitions, and fencing during the week.

It also became a custom to give some tournaments during the week.


At Double Wars IX the Rose Tourney was introduced and has ever since been an appreciated element.


Double Wars XIII was the first time that the Nordmark Coronet Tournament was included.


AS XXXII Double Wars X was struck by “the plague” and about 75 percent of the population suffered from the illness.


To this date and to the author’s knowledge the victories in the Knäckebröd War are almost equally shared by the Flat side and the Holy side. In the Magna Carta War there is a slight advantage to the Lilies over the Falcons.


But this can change several times, and I’m sure it will, in the many years yet not past but to become the history of the Double Wars.



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4-13th May 2018


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