4-13th May 2018




The Beginning


Double Wars consists of two wars, the Knäckebröd War and Magna Carta. But how come we are fighting these wars and have Double Wars always looked like this?


The origin of Knäcke is dimmed by the shadows of history, at least if you ask the persons involved in the founding of the event.


In the ancient Shire of Attemark the people had for a long time discussed a spring war event.

After a long, cold and dark winter everyone wanted to stretch their legs on the spring grass. The proper weekend was soon settled, but then the question arose –


”What shall we fight about?”


In AS XXII a counsel was held in the shire and we still know the names of some of the participants:


Catrin Gwynystlum

Morgan de Grey

Ylva Enhörning

Claudwick von Naerdinckhove.


After long discussions the council was getting hungry and Ylva started to spread a sandwich. By now we all can imagine what kind of bread it was. Knäckebröd. Suddenly a small question popped up:


”Is she really spreading the bread on the right side?”


The question immediately split the council into two parties. The debate went on for a while before everyone realized that this was the cause for battle. The Knäckebröd War was born!


The first Knäckebröd War was held in AS XXIII at Hörrs Nygård. The battles went on for three days and there were seven fighters. The non-fighting populace enjoyed themselves with handicraft and bardic competitions. Everyone thought it was a great event and agreed on making it a springtime tradition.


Double Wars


4-13th May 2018


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