4-13th May 2018





We are happy to offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children will have a lower price.

You will be able to book your meals in your registration form don’t forget to inform us about allergies and/or other preferences.


If we are going to be able to eat all the wonderful food during the event, please sign up for volunteering in the kitchen.





The breakfast will be served 8-10.00 in the tavern. We urge you to have patience while serving you all and give us a hand if you see that we need one.


This year we offer our families with small children (up to eight years old) help with pre-ordered bagged takeaway, which you will be able to pick up from the kitchen. This you will have to pre order at the Troll.


This year we are taking a stand for a better environment, therefor we are buying many ecological products that we hope that you will enjoy with us.


Breakfast is coordinated by Fru Emilia af Attemark (Sara Öberg) and Beatrix de Lyme Regis (Babs Bornsäter).





Then the unthinkable happens!


Due to unthinkable events, during the past 24 hours, we have had to change our lunch supplier.


We have talked with Erik Hane (Erik Wågman) who, with the greatest possible kindness, have chosen to take responsibility for our lunch.


The arrangement is that he is responsible for lunch, he will ensure that it is served BUT he needs people who can do the cooking the days he is not able to.


We therefore ask all of you to scan your schedules and hearts and notify Erik when you are on the site which day you may be in charge of the kitchen. Much responsibility now rests on you and we in the autocratic group hope that as many of you as possible have the will to shoulder this!





The dinner is served 18-20.00 in the tavern. Don’t forget to bring your feast gear.


Hanna Tunberg is in charge of the dinner this year. She is an archaeologist with main focus on medieval food and drinking. She is the author to An Early Meal (2013) and a professional sommelier.


Therefore it is an opportunity to spend time in the kitchen to learn! Being a helper you’re also attending a class. Hanna will guide you into the medieval kitchen. All the basic facts and some more exclusive like stuffing sausages, making fresh cheese and see if we can find something in the nature to cook.


Sign up at the registration form, if already registered send an email to


Other Options


Gärsnäs is the closest village to the camp site (about 15 minutes by car). In Gärsnäs you can find a supermarket, bakery, steak house and kiosk.


Double Wars


4-13th May 2018


Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS

Double Wars XXXI