Crash Space Tent

4-13th May 2018




Crash space tent


The rope-beds in the crash space tent will be a good alternative for 20 people travelling from abroad, with no need for indoor bed and with no possibility of bringing their own pavilion. The pavilion for crash beds is a large dark blue & black rectangular pavilion, so there will be rather dark in the pavilion in the mornings if you want to sleep in. We will organise for the floor to be covered up by a tarpaulin but the atmosphere will be much better if those who can bring extra carpets to put on the floor around the beds! If you are going to stay in the crash space tent and not even can bring a small carpet maybe you could ask around and borrow one from a friend travelling by car? The more carpets the better we think!


Also think about how you will organise your stuff beforehand so that the stay in the pavilion gets as little messy as possible! This will be nicer for everyone! Maybe you can bring a small box or a basket for some stuff, or a covered up cool bag for your groceries.


Here is a blogpost by Fru Þora Sumarliðadóttir about how she personalized her space in the crash space tent 2017.



Sleeping in a Rope Bed


To bring if you will sleep in a rope bed:

Pillow, an extra blanket or two of it gets cold, a quilt or sleeping bag, a mattress of some kind

(if you travel with airplane - ask a friend to help you out or if you have no proper contacts who can help out contact the foreign guest- coordinator to help out with what you need!) It is also good to bring a bag that fits under a bed (to keep the area as free of stuff as possible).


The beds will be provided with one hook per person so that you can hang your garb from that - so maybe a hanger for garb is a good thing to pack!


When you arrive you will be showed to your bed and then someone will teach you how to rope your bed properly and help out if needed!



Rope Beds
Crash Space Tent


Double Wars


4-13th May 2018


Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS

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