Alternativ Lodging

4-13th May 2018




Stockeboda Gård


Stockeboda gård is located 4.5 km from the site.

Here they have 15 cabins with discounts for us, with room for 4 to 5 people in each cabin.


A cabin for 9 nights will cost 8800 SEK (845 euro) and 6 nights 6900 SEK (662 euro).

Fewer nights will be 1500 SEK per night.


In this price sheets, towels and final cleaning included.

Woodfired hot tub is available at an additional cost.





Hotell Inezas


Inezas, Gärsnäs 11 km from the site.

This’s a hostel with a few rooms and you find it at

Just a couple of meters to the nearest railroad station.

They have a good parking lot and free WiFi.






Double Wars


4-13th May 2018


Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS

Double Wars XXXI