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~~~ June 19th ~~~

This year’s Lost & Found can now be found on our Facebook page. If your lost item is not in any of the photos, then we recommend that you'll make a post and ask for it.

This year we offer to send you the item during the next two weeks (until June 20th). Send us a PM and we'll work out the easiest way for you to pay the postage.

Smaller items can also find their way to Gotvik's summer picnic. There's a chance they can find their way to Cudgel and Medieval Week as well (not confirmed yet). They can also be picked up in Lund.

Items that are not collected during these two weeks will be put back into storage and can then be picked up during next year's Double Wars, before the auction at Market Day.

~~~ May 22nd ~~~

We have received reports about harassment concerning how we address each other!

The raw teasing and comments filled with irony have taken precedence which has resulted in reports to the autocrat team. We ask all of us to yet again think before we speak, be considerate and also to take notice when children/youth are present whom may read the situation differently, and thus spread their interpretation onward.

Please spread the word about this notice and discuss it in your groups/camps so that we can work on a better social conduct together.

~~~ May 22nd ~~~

More vendors have been added to the list of DW Market participantes. Check them out!

~~~ May 22nd ~~~

Please sign up as a Royal Retainer!

Help the Royals as a Lord or Lady in waiting.

Not sure what that entails? - Come to one of the

information meetings at the Tavern! (9 am on Sun, Mon, Wed and Thu)

~~~ May 7th ~~~

Here is the A&S handout containing information about all A&S-activities on site! (PDF that you can print.)

~~~ May 2nd ~~~

The deadline (May 1st) to register as a Land Agent / the DW Market / teach a Class has passed!

You have until May 3rd if you want to book meals in the tavern!

~~~ April 23rd ~~~

This year we want to bring the possibility of a fire ban to your attention! We will keep you updated closer to the event, regarding what rules are set for Simrishamn. Read more about fire safety here!

~~~ April 23rd ~~~

A quick reminder that last day for payment is April 26th, after that there will be a late fee!

~~~ April 23rd ~~~

Important info to all Land Agents!

Land agent forms will be e-mailed out tonight, if you are a land agent and haven't gotten yours tomorrow morning (Wednesday, that is), please contact us and we will try sending it out again. The form must be filled out no later than 1th of May.

~~~ March 28th ~~~

Please remember!

As of this year every tent in the period camp must be equipped with a fire-extinguisherRead more about fire safety here!

~~~ March 24th ~~~

Here is a first draft of this years arts and science schedule! Please note that changes may be done! The venues on site available for A&S are filling up so if you are planning to teach a class somewhere else then in your own camp and haven't signed up yet I recommend signing up your class in a near future.

~~~ March 24th ~~~

This years guest laurel is Master Ian O'Kennavain from Aethelmearc who is a laurel in cooking! Learn more under Arts and Science!

~~~ March 24th ~~~

A Swedish knäckebröd company made a polling some weeks ago for the knäckebröd day (yes, of course we have a special day for knäckebröd!). And the results are in! Visit DW's Facebook to learn the results and offer your opinion!

~~~ March 2nd ~~~

Please sign up for kitchen duty!

When you volunteer for kitchen duty you get that meal for free AND friends for life! Sign up here!

~~~ March 2nd ~~~

You can now access the event's master schedule!

Double Wars XXXII

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May 24th - June 2nd, 2019

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