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~~~ March 28th ~~~

Please remember!

As of this year every tent in the period camp must be equipped with a fire-extinguisher!

~~~ March 24th ~~~

Here is a first draft of this years arts and science schedule! Please note that changes may be done! The venues on site available for A&S are filling up so if you are planning to teach a class somewhere else then in your own camp and haven't signed up yet I recommend signing up your class in a near future.

~~~ March 24th ~~~

This years guest laurel is Master Ian O'Kennavain from Aethelmearc who is a laurel in cooking! Learn more under Arts and Science!

~~~ March 24th ~~~

A Swedish knäckebröd company made a polling some weeks ago for the knäckebröd day (yes, of course we have a special day for knäckebröd!). And the results are in! Visit DW's Facebook to learn the results and offer your opinion!

~~~ March 2nd ~~~

Please sign up for kitchen duty!

When you volunteer for kitchen duty you get that meal for free AND friends for life! Sign up here!

~~~ March 2nd ~~~

You can now access the event's master schedule!

Double Wars XXXII

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May 24th - June 2nd, 2019

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