Thrown Weapons

4-13th May 2018








Thrown weapons are the throwing of sharp objects such as knives or axes at targets. This is a fairly new activity in Drachenwald and at Double Wars.


It is open to everyone 5 years and older (children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). Since we are using sharp objects safety is very important on the range. Everyone who wishes to participate must have read and agreed to the rules of the thrown weapons range listed below and by the thrown weapons range before participating. No throwing may be done unless the Thrown-Weapons marshal is present and the range is open.


There will be axes you can borrow or you may bring your own thrown weapons. All weapons must be inspected by the marshal before being used on the range. Basic instructions will be given as needed.


The Thrown-Weapons Marshal on site is Countess Isabetta del Verde (Clara Brandkvist).



Range Procedures and Commands


  • The Thrown-Weapons Marshal will call the throwers to the line.
  • The Thrown-Weapons Marshal will look to see that all is clear down-range.
  • The Thrown-Weapons Marshal will look to see that nobody is directly behind the throwers, in the path of the swing, or in the arc traversed by the swing.
  • The Thrown-Weapons Marshal will call out "range clear" or the equivalent, and wait momentarily for any responses.
  • If all is clear, then the order "throw when ready" or the equivalent will be given.
  • When finished, the throwers are to put down any weapons in hand, step back from the line and wait until the order to retrieve is given.
  • When all throwers are finished, the Thrown-Weapons Marshal will call "weapons down" or the equivalent and wait for compliance.
  • When all weapons are down, then the Thrown-Weapons Marshal will give the command, "retrieve weapons" or the equivalent.



Rules of the Line


  • Side-arm throwing of weapons requires an adequate safe zone and the Marshal-in-Charge’s permission.
  • Throwers must ask the Thrown-Weapons Marshal for permission before filling in on the line.
  • All throwers on the line must throw from approximately the same distance.
  • Throw only at designated targets.
  • Do not throw until commanded to do so.
  • Do not retrieve until commanded to do so.
  • If "hold" is called, the thrower should put down his/her weapon(s) and step back from the line.
  • The thrower should step aside or back once he/she has completed throwing.
  • Do not throw weapons that have not been inspected. a) Any weapon that strikes or is struck by another weapon should be inspected by the thrower and if needed the Thrown-Weapons Marshal after each round of throwing.
  • Do not stand or walk behind throwers on the line.
  • Just before each throw, look behind to ensure that it is clear.
  • Do not swing weapons aimlessly or in a careless manner. Throwers should always be aware of what may be in the path of his/her weapon when it is swung.
  • Be aware of sharp points and edges of weapons.
  • Stay alert. Weapons can and will bounce back from the target if miss thrown.

Double Wars


4-13th May 2018


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