DW Market




DW Market co-ordinator is Vicountess Ælfwynn of York (Stina Silverstielk).


Welcome to Market Day!


There will be ONE market day this year:

  • Thursday May 30th 11 am to 4 pm


We welcome one and all to set up your tables, blankets, stalls during the whole week, but there will only be one larger market day this year.


We are open for businesses, private sellers and loppis.

Why not seize the opportunity to sell off some outgrown garb or extra feast gear?





If you wish to participate please fill in this form or send an email to ladyaelfwynne@gmail.com marked "Market day DW32".




Want to stay at the site?


You have two options, but they both start with you registering like everyone else for the event (register here).


  1. Stay in camp and have a blanket on ground/stall/tent/table at the market
  2. Have a tent/stall at the market and sleep there too


After your registration we will contact you for more information about the market itself and the area you will require.





Admission is free but you need to provide your own table/seating/cover.





  • Please make sure that no modern materials (i.e. plastic bags or trunks) are visible to keep the dream alive :)
  • No smoking in your stall/tent (smoking is only allowed in the smoking area by the kitchen back door)
  • Only medievalish or medieval/SCA related merchandise will be allowed on this market
  • Market participation (especially if you have a tent/stall) needs to be registered in advance to grant you a spot (and also so that we know in advance if we need to move to a larger area!)

It's IMPERATIVE that you contact the market co-ordinator well in advance before market day, and especially before setting up your tent/stall so that we can fit everyone in and make the best market we can.

DWXXXI had the following participants (about the same can probably be expected for DWXXXII):


Handelsgillet, Silverstielk Emporium, Krohns Kurkmakeri, Historiska Fynd, Swedish Armoury, Blood and Iron Jewellery, Handcrafted History and MANY private fleemarket sellers.


(p) Accepts payment with plastic

(s) Accepts Swish or Paypal

(c) Cash only sek

(€) Accepts payment with €uro





DW Market


Double Wars XXXII

Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS

24th May - 2nd June, 2019