Arts and Science

4-13th May 2018




Welcome to the A&S activities at DW XXXI


This year we hope to encourage as many outdoor activities and classes as possible – woodworking, practical cooking classes, pottery, furniture building or iron smelting – your imagination is the only limitation to the classes we can have!


Since Sjöröd has a limit of indoor spaces to use for teaching and not all attendees have the opportunity to teach in their camp a tent has been bought for arranging A&S activities in. This tent will have table, benches, heating and lighting to make it as comfortable as possible. So if you hesitated to teach because of the lack of indoor space you now have this opportunity!


You can sign up the classes you want to teach at Class registration DW XXXI

Last date to sign up is the 25th April!


If you have any questions, please send them to the A&S Coordinator Lady Silwa af Swaneholm at



This year's guest teacher at Double Wars


Master Johannes von Narrenstein became a laurel in Calligraphy and Illumination in 1983 and has been in the SCA for 40 years. He has lived in Meridies, Eastrealm, Artemisia and Midrealm.


He has, amongst other things, helped to set up Artemisia's principality signet office, taught many C&I classes at Pennsic and organized three exhibits of scrolls, most recently at SCA 50th Anniversary.


Johannes has also coordinated the production of the Midrealm's Calf to Codex project, resulting in the only SCA book whose content, materials and art was made entirely by SCA folks. He has a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a masters in library science and a PhD in folklore, both from Indiana University.


Double Wars


4-13th May 2018


Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS

Double Wars XXXI